Our mobile coffee outlets supply the full range of espresso coffees, beverages. Our menu is shown below and can be altered to include any special requirements.

Coffee and Drinks Menu

Cappuccino - A deep layer of creamy foam atop fresh espresso and steamed milk, 
                          choc dusted for extra flavour.

Caffè Latte  - Steamed milk and fresh espresso lightly topped with creamy foam top.

Flat White    - Fresh espresso and steamed milk to make a perfect white coffee.

Long Black (Long Espresso) - A single shot of espresso added to filtered
                        steaming hot water.

Short Black (Espresso) - A single shot of fresh espresso, smooth and sexy.

Doppio (Double Espresso) - A double shot of fresh espresso, STRONG,
                         smooth.... and even more sexy!

Macchiato    - Long or Short black ‘stained’ with a dash of fresh milk or foam.

Caffè Mocca (Mochaccino) - A classic blend of cappuccino style espresso
   and chocolate.


Extra Espresso Shot - All coffees can be flavoured to taste with an extra shot of espresso,
(or made weak if desired).


Hot Chocolate - The chocoholics dream of chocolate flavoured milk,
with marshmallows on request.

Assorted Teas - Liptons Black Tea, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and
a range of Herbal Teas are available.

Baby Cino   - A small cup of frothy milk dusted with chocolate
- only for the Kids!

Special Requests - Chances are, if you can describe it we can make it…
Don’t be afraid to ask.  We mean it!


Iced Coffee (Café Frappe) - A shot of espresso coffee blended with iced milk to a
smooth refreshing drink you will just love!

Iced Chocolate (Chocolate Frappe) - The chocoholics dream blended with
‘ice cold’ milk. You will keep coming back for more!


Cold Drinks - Always icy cold. Choose from our selection of Coke, Lemon,
Orange, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Mineral Water, Juices, Sports drinks, Energy drinks

Bottled Spring Water - It has to be icy cold.

Iced Granita (Slushy) - Ask us if you would like these flavoured iced drinks.
They’re so refreshing and irresistible on a hot day.



Yo Yos           - a sweet vanilla icing between two smooth shortbread biscuits, an all time favourite.

Florentines  - Cornflakes, almonds, sultanas, and glace cherries blended with honey,
on an irresistible chocolate base. Yum!

Country Baked Cookies - a delectable range of country baked cookies

Cake              - choose from our selection of carrot or fruit cake, fresh and full of flavour.

Fruit Muffins - freshly baked, Blueberry, Banana, Apple & Cinnamon, Raspberry,
Chocolate Chip.


Cup Sizes

Small Cup Size  -       8oz/240ml


Medium Cup Size  -  12oz/350ml 


Large Cup Size  -      16oz/480ml


Please support our efforts to use environmentally friendly packaging by placing your used containers in the appropriate Recycling Bin.

Paper Cups = Recycle (Yellow) or Compost (Green),

Plastic Lids = Recycle (Yellow) or Rubbish (Red)

Sugar papers & Wooden Stirrers =  Compost (Green)


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