About Coffee A La Cart

Are you fed up with watery coffee?
Do you get exasperated with lukewarm coffee?
Do you prefer a weak coffee... but never get one?
At Coffee A La Cart our staff are highly trained to do it right!
We use the right amount of coffee to suit the cup size, not just one shot in a larger size cup.
We use thermometers to heat our milk to the right temperature.
We make coffee to YOUR taste.... either weak or strong.
Bad coffee is not allowed in our cart!

Fresh Milk... It's SO Important!!

We use fresh, low fat, REAL milk to make our coffee, NOT Long Life UHT milk.
Check to see if fresh milk is being used to make your coffee next time you order from a mobile coffee cart. 

Coffee. How did it come about?

According to legend, coffee was discovered around 1000 AD when a lone Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi, noticed his flock of goats becoming more lively after eating berries from some bushes. The brave Kaldi decided to try the berries for himself.
This eventually led to coffee drinking becoming a passion and inspired “Coffee Houses" throughout 17th century England.  Later, in the USA, coffee became the beverage of democracy after the Boston Tea party. It was not until the end of World War II that Australia embraced espresso coffee thanks to the influx of European immigrants.

Coffee Today

The magic of coffee is celebrated all round the world and is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each year.

Must Read

The mobile coffee industry is changing! Mobile outlets are found in almost any place imaginable.
However, what can still be difficult is to find a coffee outlet that serves really great coffee, and provides that true coffee experience.
With today’s tough market and an educated consumer, Coffee A La Cart has been successful in meeting the high standards demanded by the coffee connoisseur.
Our high quality product and service are second to none!
And you get service with a smile... and a conversation!

Our Coffee, Our Beans.

Our coffee features freshly ground  "a-la-crème" coffee beans from Ranges Coffee for a rich yet smooth taste that’s floats on the pallet with the aromatic experience that only freshly brewed coffee can provide.

Our beans are a carefully selected blend of 100% Arabica beans, roasted by our boutique master roaster with dedication, .... and passion, in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges.

We aim to provide your coffee just the way you like it. Rich and creamy with a smooth lather of milky foam, or as a perfect Flat White…




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